Gregory Finkelson (Григорий Финкельсон)

San Francisco, CA

Gregory Finkelson

Gregory Finkelson ( Григорий Финкельсон ) is a world-renowned professional who is well-known for assisting those seeking to use the EB-5 program in the United States - foreign investors and projects based in the United States. While he has continued to grow and develop in this specialized field, he has worked hard to reach this point in his career. He has had a long and successful professional and personal life, allowing him to become one of the world's top EB-5 resources.

While Finkelson is now a seasoned professional, his success began in high school. Next, he went to the prestigious Moscow State Industrial University for college, where he earned a Master's degree in engineering. This education aided in the formation of his early career, which led to his current position. He decided to continue his education several years after finishing this degree and eventually earned a doctorate in Business Administration.